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Mixed Media on Canvas


60 x 33 in
152 x 84 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Cuban-American artist Frankie Alfonso creates interwoven paintings using lively colors and spontaneous, well-balanced compositions. His work is best described as a style of automatic writing where he manipulates simple lines to make complex arrangements of balance and harmony. His style is a mix of cubism, cartoon animation, surrealism, graffiti, and abstract expressionism.

This original one-of-a-kind graffiti-inspired artwork is 60 inches tall by 33 inches wide. This painting is signed by the artist on the front. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable Continental U.S. and worldwide shipping. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

Alfonso began drawing at an early age. He first found inspiration in comic books and enjoyed drawing his favorite superheroes from an unconventional perspective. As a teenager, he started to experiment with oils, acrylics, and took his passion for art to the canvas. Even after painting for over 20 years, he still pushes the boundaries while experimenting with mixed media, including oil, acrylic, gouache, and spray paint.

Alfonso attended art school in Tampa, Florida, and traveled Europe for several years in search of inspiration and his own unique voice in art. Alfonso used his in-depth studies of European Masters and was inspired by Picasso, Braque, Klee, Dali, Basquiat, De Kooning, and Matisse. The joyful expressions of his artworks resonate with positive light and inspire creative thinking and innovation. His works are represented by Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles and have been exhibited in Florida and California. They have been collected throughout the United States and Europe.


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Frankie Alfonso

Frankie Alfonso

Cuban-American artist Frankie Alfonso is widely celebrated for his captivating abstract paintings characterized by vivid colors and harmonious compositions that appeal to a broad range of art enthusiasts. Alfonso masterfully manipulates elemental lines to construct intricate arrangements of form, color, and shape, skillfully incorporating elements of cubism, cartoon animation, surrealism, graffiti, and abstract expressionism, captivating viewers with his innovative approach. Alfonso's original artworks have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and have garnered significant recognition with their distinctive blend of abstract styles and artistic influences.

Fueling his artistic journey, Alfonso's lifelong love for drawing originated in his childhood, drawing inspiration from comic books and unconventional perspectives. As a young adult, he embarked on experimental ventures with various media, including oil, acrylic, gouache, and spray paint, continuously pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression even after two decades of relentless painting. Following his education at an art school in Florida, Alfonso embarked on an extensive European sojourn, delving into the profound study of European Masters that laid the groundwork for his artistic philosophy. Drawing inspiration from esteemed artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Paul Klee, Salvador Dali, Jean Michel Basquiat, Willem De Kooning, and Henri Matisse, Alfonso's oeuvre reflects a harmonious synthesis of diverse influences.

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