Murdered Art


Mixed Media, Acrylic, Screws on Wood


42 x 44 in
107 x 112 cm


New York (Art Fair)


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Artem Ryskin

Born in Russia in 1990, Artem Ryskin’s artworks are inspired by computer graphics and design. His three-dimensional paintings are composed of hundreds, more often thousands of painted screws drilled at different depths into a wood panel. The resulting works are a conversation between material and medium where two dimensional painting and sculpture converge into a cohesive image. His works center around the important things in life, such as love, freedom, and humor.

After attending art school he worked as graphic designer and art-director from 2007 to 2015. For thirteen years, Ryskin envied the freedom of artists, but was hesitant to commit full time to his own creative instincts. After travelling to different countries, visiting art exhibitions, and moving to Barcelona, Spain, Ryskin found inspiration in the combination of the classical with the digital. Combining digital graphics with his own hand, Ryskin began his artistic journey.

In his work, Ryskin paradoxically strives for realism with an RGB or other limited color palette. Each hand painted screw-pixel resembles a piece of the built reality around us. Sometimes vivid and colorful, sometimes black. The volume in the works is generated by the screws being screwed to different depths and the symmetrically aligned vertical hats of each screw. Acrylic paint is applied to each individual screw after the creation of the "iron" skeleton.

Each artwork is an attempt to draw parallels between life and its manifold aspects; to learn something new or to revise current experiences. His works have been exhibited and collected throughout Russia, China and the USA.

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