Jumping Rainbow


Acrylic Paint on Canvas


48 x 84 in
122 x 213 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)

US$ 3,300

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Los Angeles artist Amber Goldhammer paints vibrant, abstract compositions in acrylic on canvas featuring bold blocks of color and energetic brushstrokes. Goldhammer uses her contemporary paintings to express emotions akin to silent poetry while drawing inspiration for her palette from the layered world around her. Her artworks include unique textures and beautiful details in the surfaces. They have been exhibited in numerous international art galleries and art fairs and have been collected worldwide.

This colorful graffiti inspired 48 inch tall by 84 inch wide original artwork is wired and ready to hang. It does not require framing. It is signed and titled by the artist on the back of the painting. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable US and worldwide shipping. A certificate of authenticity issued by the gallery is included.

Art and creative expression has always been a part of Amber Goldhammer’s life. She started painting with pigments, powders, and waxes, using the human face as her subject. This form of art led her to Los Angeles where she began experimenting with different mediums, processes and in various locations. Learning to surrender to the creative flow expressed through painting was a long journey for Amber.

Amber Goldhammer delved into the illusive and captivating movement of Fusionart, following a study with art mentor Rassouli. This journey brought her to her unique artistic vision. The artistic expression of a Fusion artist flows from the heart, and reflects what is felt rather than what is observed. With a well-balanced and dynamic style she creates fluid beauty in simple yet complex abstraction. Her layered artworks provide a conduit to emotional release.

“I gravitate towards the multi-dimensional colors of the ocean in my works. The organic quality of my artworks is enhanced by the role nature plays as many of my works are created with local sand from the Santa Monica beach and are left in the sun, helping to produce unique textures and variations in the surfaces.”

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Amber Goldhammer

Amber Goldhammer is best known for creating vibrant abstract paintings with a street art edginess. She originally started painting with pigments, powders, and waxes and went on to experimenting with different mediums and processes to keep evolving her artworks. As love and joy are paramount emotions in life, Amber hopes her series incorporating the “I Love You” message expands to reach a wide audience. Connecting people through public art is one way she believes her street murals can impact lives, as it is impossible to view her work and not feel a sense of joy and love.

Painting a convergence of color and emotion, she builds and layers bold colors organically, allowing the process to determine the outcome. There is no analyzing, conceptualizing, or judging that takes place. It all happens in the moment, as a union between her, the canvas, and the paint.

A prolific young artist with ongoing concurrent exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States and Switzerland, Amber has also shown her works at major international art fairs and receives international success with exhibitions. Her artworks have been showcased in print and online publications, and on such TV series as “Million Dollar Listing,” “Being Mary Jane,” “The Catch” as well as both multi-Emmy® nominated series, “Crazy Ex- Girlfriend”, and “Scandal.” Goldhammer’s art is also featured on the Netflix’s best original series, “G.L.O.W.” by “Weeds” creator, Jenji Kohan.

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