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Mixed Media, Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas


31 x 39 in
79 x 99 cm


Artspace Warehouse (Los Angeles)


Valerie Etitinwo's unique approach to abstract figurative painting celebrates the unconventional beauty found in imperfection and awkwardness. The Nigerian-Swiss artist uses bold colors and disorganized shapes to create captivating artworks that challenge traditional beauty standards. Etitinwo draws from her upbringing in dichotomous cultures to create work that is universally relatable through the celebration of imperfections. With each piece, she strives to push her creativity and expression to new levels of intrigue and "ugliness."

This one-of-a-kind abstract figurative painting on canvas measures 31 inches in height and 39 inches in width. The sides of the artwork are thoughtfully painted as a continuation of the front, eliminating the need for framing and creating a cohesive, finished look. The painting is wired and ready to hang, and is signed by the artist on the back, adding an extra touch of authenticity and value. Convenient delivery is available for those in the local Los Angeles area, and affordable worldwide shipping is available for US and international art collectors. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included with the artwork.

Etitinwo's appreciation for cubism is evident in her unique approach to portraiture, which features faces painted like masks. As an introverted person, she often observes people more than she talks to them. Growing up around Nigerian "aunties," they became the subjects of her work, with their actions and mannerisms inspiring her paintings. Through her art, Etitinwo seeks to deconstruct Nigerian culture and stereotypes, creating artworks that challenge and expand our understanding of beauty and imperfection.

“I’m old enough to understand them [stereotypes] but also young enough to question them.”


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Valerie Etitinwo

Valerie Etitinwo

Nigerian-Swiss artist Valerie Etitinwo creates abstract figurative paintings which celebrate the beauty of ugliness and awkwardness. Raised in dichotomous cultures, Etitinwo found art as a coping mechanism to interpret the world around her. Etitinwo’s artworks transcend each of her surrounding cultures to create work that is universally relatable through the celebration of imperfections. She creates her work with the conviction to push her creativity and expression to a level of intriguing “ugliness.” With each artwork she fights the temptation of “cuteness” to go beyond what is expected.

“I like creating art that catches the eyes not because of how pretty it is but because of how imperfect it looks. I’m really not a perfectionist. I’m quite the opposite. I’m an “imperfectionist”. I like how disorganized some of my pieces are. I like using bold colors and awkward shapes to represent humans. I would say my favorite artistic movement is cubism. But my artwork is definitely not cubism. I just have an appreciation for its absurd shapes, especially in portraits. I like painting faces like masks."

Etitinwo’s artworks have been featured on major TV shows such as “Insecure” and “The Flight Attendant” on HBO and have been collected worldwide by prominent collectors ranging from influential executives to film producers.

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