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av_1014-15 (diptcyh)


Alex Voinea


Acrylic on Canvas


35 x 102 in
89 x 259 cm


Artplex Gallery


The colorful abstract artworks of Romanian artist Alex Voinea are inspired by experiments with paint poured over vibrating surfaces, such as speakers at full volume. Alex Voinea collaborates with chance to evoke the energy of the moment. Projections of paint, splashes of pure material, and streams of color are whiplash expressions of the temporary in his modern artworks. Voinea captures and freezes, in an instant, an imaginary and expressive burst of color that electrifies a space.

This one-of-a-kind diptych measures a combined 35-inches high and 102-inches wide. It is comprised of two 35-inch tall by 51-inch wide canvases. It is a fluorescent abstract composition painted with acrylic paint on canvas by Alex Voinea. This artwork is signed and titled on the back. It does not require framing. This original painting is double-wired and may be installed vertically or horizontally. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable Continental U.S. and worldwide shipping are available. Provenance: Artplex Gallery. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included with this original work.

Alex Voinea was born in Romania in 1973. Leaving Romania after the revolution in 1989, he moved to Italy. Voinea's saturated abstract paintings are a rush of adrenaline and inspire liveliness in the spaces they are displayed. Although active, his work also finds balance and harmony. The challenge of each surface inspires Voinea and his studio is an incubator of color and energy.

"I am interested in the physics of materials and the purity of pigments in their various states and how they respond to the different circumstances and situations that I create. With my work I try to convey the feeling of being immersed in a universe where color is the protagonist."

Voinea now lives in Barcelona. His abstract paintings have been shown in varying international art hot spots, including Brussels, Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, New York, and Los Angeles.


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Alex Voinea

Alex Voinea

Alex Voinea was born in Romania in 1973. Leaving Romania after the revolution, he moved to Italy. He now resides in Sitges, Barcelona. His work has been shown in various international art hot spots, including Brussels, Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, New York, and Los Angeles.

Fading backgrounds create depth and perspective in his abstract works. Voinea transmits vibrancy and motion through drippings and large sweeping brushstrokes that include various saturated and fluorescent colors that bring movement and fluidity to his paintings. Moments of tension and sublime relief characterize paintings that evoke a thousandth of a second. These undulating strokes slither among one another and vibrate against geometric planes of color.

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