Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas


48 x 36 in
122 x 91 cm


Artplex Gallery

US$ 7,500

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Cole Altuzarra's expressionistic abstract paintings are often distinctive monochromatic black and white. Physically and emotionally engaged with the action of his unique works, his creative process asks that his entire body be engaged in creation of his energetic paintings. Altuzarra's work merges the dynamism of action painting and the harmony of zen ink wash. His acrylic and mixed artworks on canvas are influenced by Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline, conveying a bold sense of motion and a kinetic playfulness.

This 48 inch high by 36 inch wide monochrome abstract painting is wired and ready to hang. Altuzarra rejects traditional mark making materials and opts for direct contact with his paintings; pushing and pulling medium to and from the surface of the canvas. The sides of this artwork are painted as a continuation of the front and it does not require framing. Free local Los Angeles area delivery and free professional installation in the local Los Angeles area is included, including placement and hardware. Affordable Continental U.S. and worldwide shipping is available. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included with this unique work.

Cole Altuzarra is a Southern California artist who is interested in and most concerned with the energy of creation; pulling up something from nothing and the process therein. The performance aspect of creation fascinates Altuzarra and it is this energy of the moment and the expression of raw emotion that is recorded on canvas as painting. His work becomes a vignette of its own fabrication.

Altuzarra feels strongly that each of his paintings are best understood as objects. His artworks entice meditation on creation and destruction as compatible forces. "Painting feels more like sculpting or even performance art to me. I think it's because in either case you're creating an object from scratch and acting in a certain way in order to do so." His paintings have been exhibited across the United States.

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Cole Altuzarra

Cole Altuzarra is known for his boldly energetic abstract paintings. Physically & emotionally involved, his process asks that all his body be present & engaged in creation - not just hand & brush.

“Painting feels more like sculpting or even performance art to me. I think it’s because in either case you’re creating an object from scratch & acting a certain way in order to do so.”

He is interested in & most concerned with the energetics of creation. It is this energy of the moment, or as in performance, the expression of emotion which is recorded on canvas as painting. He feels strongly that his paintings are best understood as objects.

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