Ivano Zanré was born in Switzerland in 1959 to Italian parents from Parma. He grew up in Feldmeilen, Switzerland, and now lives in a studio at the periphery of Zurich.
Zanré’s works live from the freshness of thought. His art is the artistic commentary to the trivial text and picture messages on grocery bags.
The origins of ZanRé’s unusual technique lie in a personal financial crisis. Once again, he had no money for canvases. At a nearby local grocery store he got hold of old paper shopping bags and started to paint on the plain, unprinted backside. "Suddenly I realized that the printed side, which ended up with random paint, looked better than what I had deliberately painted on the plain side." ZanRé began to experiment with various subjects and slogans to fit the motives of the bags. His work set the focus on the question of what is consumption.

Since 1989 he has lived for and of the art. He calls his style "Pop Brut".