Victoria Kovalenchikova

Victoria Kovalenchikova was born in Belarus in 1978. She lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands) since 2008.

Victoria’s artworks are an outlook at the transformation of the world surrounding us; a shout in the cold infinity of cosmos. It is an attempt to understand the impact of people on the planet through the language of art.

The contemporary trend in her paintings is characterized by a figurative integration of abstract elements. Creatively mixing media from cement, resin, acrylic and epoxy on stretched canvas, Victoria’s work is simultaneously sculptural and painting. Her series on the Earth is immediately familiar, provoking us to step closer and have a better look, then after a few moments the nuances of her art appear. Her training is evident in her skill in creating the textures. Her charisma can be felt by her depiction of the ocean and their various shades of colors. Victoria’s captivating artworks have been exhibited worldwide.