Susy Hunziker

Susy Hunziker lives and works in Basel, Switzerland, where she grew up. Her figures are the result of exploring forms, colors and feelings, and reflect a love of life and aesthetics.

“What began as a hobby about ten years with papier-mâché has become my passion. Today I create finished sculptures from wire and paper. With these materials I try to express different emotions. The result is sad, cheeky, curious or even frivolous.” From a simple material, Hunziker sculpts different characters in expressive states of being: dancers, lovers, individuals stretching, crouching, or recumbent. They balance precariously atop small blocks on a thin leg, held rigid by the strength of Hunziker’s composition.

“I work with wire in different thicknesses as well as colored paper scraps. From these basic materials figures arise in a variety of sizes; from small, seated figures to wire sculptures almost two meters high.”

Figures of iron wire are wound meticulously in varying thicknesses, creating active, waifish figures. The sculptures can be seen as living as well; over time oxidizing and taking on a rust brown color. Her work is reminiscent of an appreciation for life’s delicacy, an aesthetic awareness of change over time, and an overall curiosity for form and figure.