Sheetal Agarwal

Sheetal S Agarwal is an internationally recognized documentary filmmaker and researcher. She has won awards for best documentary at the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Fort Lauderdale International film festival. Her research has focused on the impact of technology on the theory and practice of documentary films, and specifically on the nature of documentary. This drive towards truth through visual story telling lends itself strongly in her artwork as well.

Her art explores themes such as memories, representations of reality and reflections on the nature of historical truth. This can be seen through the uses of both photography, paint and resin to add and detract from the focus of various representational images.

“The artist chooses the frame and the composition, and in so choosing, creates a version of historical reality which not complete, and is subject to the point of view of the artist. The conflict between this de facto subjective nature of the act of preservation, and the importance of objectivity in the recording of the history has become central to my work as an artist.”

Her exhibition history includes Singapore, Spain, Germany, New York, Hong Kong, and London. Through the relatability of the subject matter of her artworks, she attracts international appeal.