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Shauna La

Shauna La

Shauna La was born in 1983 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Although she has studied at Columbia College in Chicago and Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she considers herself a self-taught painter. She lived in New Oreleans until Hurricane Katrina, after which she traveled throughout the US as an RF engineer. Having been painting in her hotel rooms during her travels, she decided to focus on painting full time in 2006.

Shauna La explores the relationships between lines and emotion, color and thought in her dynamic acrylic and mixed media works. Her works range from small canvases with muted color impassioned with crimson texture and stark charcoal lines to extremely large canvases enriched with brilliant texture and depth. In her most recent work, she creates compelling and beautiful glimpses into not only her perception of reality but her reaction to it.

“For me, existence is about creation, exploration, and especially attuning myself to energies and frequencies that are not immediately obvious,” says the artist. “My process involves observing physical characteristics such as colors, sensations, tastes and smells as well as unconventional occurrences like lucid dreams or meditation.”