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Robert Sgarra was born in Grenoble, France in 1959. Sgarra is a self-taught artist who started painting at the age of thirteen and has been exploring many artistic fields ever since. An artist fascinated by all forms of art, his paintings are inspired by Pablo Picasso, Nicolas de Stael, Georges Braque, and Henri Matisse.

His puzzle piece works are fresh and imaginative. He is an insatiable creative that simultaneously works as a sculptor, painter, and plastician. Technically skilled and well-versed in media and materials, Sgarra creates colorful pop-culture inspired paintings that are seamless in construction.

Generous in pictorial expression and imaginative in sculptures, Sgarra can confuse some purists since his creativity can be dazzling with classic elements as well as contemporary. His latest series of uniquely shaped puzzle-piece artworks are created with layers of acrylic paint and covered with shiny resin.