Robert Sgarra was born n Grenoble in 1959. He lives and works in the South of France. Robert Sgarra is a self-taught artist who started painting at the age of thirteen and has been exploring many artistic fields ever since. He is the son of an Italian immigrant father. An artist fascinated by all forms of art, his paintings are inspired by Picasso, Nicolas de Stael, Braque and Matisse.

A wizard of materials and an artist difficult to label, Robert Sgarra consistently revisits pop art as a dedicated colorist in innovative and inventive works, sometimes also daring to use extreme colors. He varies his shapes and colors, in tune with his humor and moods. Sgarra has an abundance of creativity, giving a rare alchemy that creates undefinable emotional moments. His puzzled work is fresh and imaginative. He is an insatiable creative and simultaneously works as a sculptor, painter, plastician, and possesses a wide array of techniques mastered and ready to serve his flamboyant inspiration.

Robert Sgarra’s pop art and colorful characters are revisited in inventive and creative forms and colors, always with the same passion that encompasses him. His works have been exhibited and collected throughout Europe, North America and Asia.