Sebastien Levigne

Initially, there was nothing that destined Sebastien Levigne to become an artist. In college Sebastien opted for a scientific training in biochemistry. During that time he began to paint in the evenings and weekends. He participated in many shows at the same time as he was completing his thesis. The oceans were his favorite themes (rocks, low tide, washed up buoys...). In 2003, he decided to abandon his scientific projects to embark on an artistic career. Today he lives and works in a small town north of the Deux-Sèvres (France). He has exhibited regularly since 2005.

The birth of his daughter encouraged him to turn to a more narrative and autobiographical style of painting. From a classical figurative style, he changed to a more abstract style. He abandoned marine themes in favor of urban areas. The artist felt the needed to capture the moments shared with his child: "I paint walls on the canvas to tell stories, moments of life to keep track of the past." Sebastian Levigne is interested in the trace of man on the urban landscape. He draws his inspiration from everyday life, music and poetry.