Ryan Shane Owen

Ryan Shane Owen is an artist and musician from Vancouver, BC. Heavily influenced by the dynamics and expression of musical composition, Ryan’s works capture movement in stillness and sound in silence. Early on, Ryan’s curiosity for nature led to an effervescent, artistic expression characterized by action, energy and progression.

Owen is inspired by many aspects of the arts including music and dance, architecture, calligraphy, textiles, fashion, op art, cubism, art deco, art nouveau, abstract expressionism and impressionism. He has worked in various mediums including illustration, silk screening, oil painting, sculpture, and video. For Ryan Shane Owen, the “harmonies of life” shape the foundation for creative interpretation through a fusion of sound and space.

The three-dimensional hanging abstract sculptures are created in a relief style with mixed mediums. Inspired by architecture, landscape, and geological formations, these compositions are evocative of macro and microcosms. With a flavor of retro-futurism, they suggest a merging of nature and technology, blurring the line between positive and negative space. They use angles and perspective to illustrate an interplay between randomness and pattern. The smooth surfaces are juxtaposed with a worn, metallic patina and influenced by movement, motion, and the lines of dance and music.