Ryan Schmidt

Ryan Schmidt was born in 1980 and his creative interest started at the early age of five in Origami and Constructs (predecessor to Legos). Moving into painting and photography during school set a definite artistic direction. While, also learning to work with wood, metal and plastic in his father’s business of custom remodeling, landscaping, and handcrafted playgrounds. Transitioning into college, he furthered studies in photography, painting, drawing, color in design, printmaking, ceramics, and finally transitioned into sculpture. Schmidt began working in cast aluminum, later in bronze, and ultimately found the everlasting properties of stainless steel with its brilliant reflection.

In 2002, he established Rykan Expedition, Inc. and started combining landscaping, water fountains and outdoor sculpture. Later, he moved to Los Angeles and spent 5 years to focus more on producing sculptures while establishing his gallery connections. Schmidt returned to his hometown in Bryant, Arkansas in 2015 to expand the production of sculptures. His mission is to share the gift of inspiration through reflection with the passion for stainless steel, and desire to build sculptures that will last generations.