Raul de la Torre

Raul de la Torre was born in Barcelona in 1964 and went on to attend Massana Art School there. Experimentation with different materials, textures, and techniques in each of his paintings has been a point of discovery and a major part of his work. In his Fils I Colors series he finds the third dimension through the use of different materials.

Initially, he removed paint from his artistic process by slicing his works, and combining canvas and paper with other selected materials. Gradually the slicing gained more importance and became a reflection of his increased desire to add more dimension. Embroidery provides another layer as it creates thick shadows with organic shapes. De la Torre makes horizontal cuts on the canvas or paper and covers these open areas using color matching cotton thread.

The major motivation for the idea behind his series, CIUTATS (cities), was the artist’s city, Barcelona, and it's particular infrastructure and architecture which are unique among the cities of the world and which are easily recognizable. His personal attraction to the great cities of the world and the urban life was a true incentive. In this series he portrays the different aspects of the cities as a human creation with their different levels of physical and social existence.