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Raul de la Torre

Raul de la Torre

Raul de la Torre, a Barcelona-born artist residing in Los Angeles, embarked on his artistic journey at Massana Art School Barcelona, where he delved into the world of abstract paintings, canvas, embroidery, mixed media, organic shapes, colorful lines, texture, and dimension. His creative exploration led him to experiment with diverse materials, textures, and techniques, unveiling captivating discoveries within each artwork. His original artworks have garnered global recognition, with exhibitions spanning influential art hubs like New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and his mesmerizing paintings now grace esteemed private collections worldwide.

Within his groundbreaking Fils I Colors series, he skillfully merges various elements to uncover the elusive third dimension, employing a fusion of canvas or paper, and mixed media such as acrylic paint and cotton thread to transcend traditional boundaries. As his artistic vision evolved, de la Torre's deliberate slicing technique took on a profound significance, symbolizing his fervent pursuit of heightened dimensionality. De la Torre masterfully weaves color-matching cotton thread across the horizontal incisions, adorning and concealing these exposed areas. By incorporating embroidery, he introduces an additional layer, casting intricate shadows through the interplay of organic shapes.