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Phillipé Ducasse

Phillipé Ducasse

Phillipé Ducasse is best known for using ink in his works to create fine lines and intricate details, infused with radically flowing backgrounds. His works have in common his intrigue of innovative technology and architecture and their relationship with the survivalist tendencies of flora and natural landscapes, which are common subjects in his work.

As in the case of his series “Trees,” Phillipé seamlessly coheres plant and machine parts- reminiscent of historical didactic plant drawings- to convey the mutation of the natural into supernatural by means of modern advances. Phillipé magnifies diversity and interest in ordinary subject matter to “make people look a little closer,” a sentiment he uses to suggest the effects of a diminishing attention-span in the times of “fast” culture.

He created a series of paintings with the following narrative in mind: “The beauty of Humanity can be more evident when studying our resourcefulness and ingenuity under various circumstances. I love the aesthetic of hillside African, Central, and South American living settlements, often referred to as "favelas" in Brazil. With these paintings, I want to attack that subject matter with a sense of structure, adaptivity, and coexistence, rather than negative imagery such as crime, and poverty. This is a technique and a process that I created featuring acrylic and ink on canvas. These paintings give me the impression of Home. No matter what you look like, or where you might be from.” I entitled the series "beautifuL sLum" with emphasis on the "L" in both words because a recurring thought that I have while making these paintings is "Love of Life". It is important to me that I present something completely original and different than anything else that has been seen. That being said, these paintings are driven by my imagination and can never be duplicated.