Petra Rös-Nickel

Petra Rös-Nickel was born 1963 in Wathlingen near Celle, Germany. Her abstract paintings break completely new ground through form and expression.

Playful, free forms and the textural surfaces develop into compositional constructions that reference the geometric and organic elements of nineteen-fifties and nineteen-sixties European textile and surface designs. Her connection to this era of modernism highlights a return to a rather retro style while also adapting these inspirational elements into her very own style.

After studying fashion design at the professional school for clothing in Bremen, 1980, Petra Rös-Nickel changed her field of study to architecture in Eckernförde, 1982. Preferring the creative aspects of the studies to the technical ones, the artist developed the basics of her painting, never denying the roots of applied design and soon ending in a refreshing, distinctive style.