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Patricia Corredor

Patricia Corredor

Patricia Corredor’s modern metal sculptures are a bridge between abstraction and figuration, concept and expression. She is interested in using symbols of nature as a resource in her original artworks with themes inspired by experiences from the environment, images, objects that evoke memories, and societal influences. Patricia Corredor imagines her work “as if the figures and images had the necessity to feel the air, experience climatic changes, and contribute to the landscape in a public space.”

Corredor was born in 1960 in Bogotá. Studying arts at Los Andes University in Bogotá, Corredor felt attracted to explore works in three-dimensional mediums. Influences for Corredor’s work include magical realism, and artists such as Brancusi, Caro, Oldenburg, and Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar, among others.

Corredor’s artworks have been exhibited in galleries, public spaces, and museums worldwide, including The Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá, The International Sculpture Competition, and the National Ceramic Event in Bogotá, Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles, and the CSE public art exhibition in Chicago, USA.