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Nico Amortegui

Nico Amortegui

Nico Amortegui is a renowned Graffiti Cubist artist known for his use of unapologetic color and boldness. His expressive style incorporates hidden layers of color and texture, which make a striking statement when viewed in person. Amortegui's artwork is rooted in his personal experience of immigrating to the United States as a teenager and his family's artisanal background. This cultural fusion has molded the themes of his artworks, reflecting his unique perspective on life.

Each of Amortegui's figurative artworks begins as an abstract expression of colors, with the figure appearing to him in the abstraction once the background is complete. He then transforms the artwork's image with the "left-eye" of his painted figure, leading the rest of his composition with many additional layers of colors and textures.

As an accomplished artist, Amortegui's collections and exhibitions have been displayed in galleries and museums throughout the United States. His unique blend of graffiti and cubism styles, infused with a vibrant Latin American perspective, has earned him recognition as an influential figure in the contemporary art world.