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Michelle Fillmore

Michelle Fillmore

Sacramento born and Las Vegas raised, photorealistic painter Michelle Fillmore found her love of oil painting at the University of Las Vegas, where she graduated with a BA in Painting and Drawing in 2015.

Fillmore’s paintings are autobiographical metaphors. Through her work, she aims to start a discussion about mental health and its inherent stigmas and challenges. Fillmore’s tightly controlled photorealistic style is at odds with the chaotic subject matter represented in her imagery. With this technique, her work embodies the beauty of imperfection. Each painting is a celebration of a person’s ability to change and transform.

Fillmore says of her creative process, “I paint the things I do partially as a way to take the parts of my past that once made me feel isolated and turn them into opportunities to connect.”

Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fillmore exhibits nationally.