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Matt Bilfield

Matt Bilfield

Matt Bilfield is a mixed-media and sculptural artist from Los Angeles. Somewhat of a neat freak and minimalist who thrives on order and pragmatism, he is drawn to detail oriented, creative outlets to express his inner vision. These factors influenced his career selections to focus on graphic design and explore three-dimensional art.

His mixed media artworks are a fusion of pop art and contemporary three-dimensional design, constructed from wooden dowels anchored into architectural plywood. He takes aspects of digital technology and expresses the pixilation and color graduation in more traditional media. Bilfield’s artworks are an extension of his attachment to planned design concepts. A pixelated representation of a single image emerges from his carefully designed placement of each individually colored peg.

In the framework of the television graphics he creates, Bilfield is intrigued by the constant change of the image as the viewer watches, inactively. This perpetual shifting of visual stimuli caused him to conceptualize artwork where the vantage point dictates the image and saturation of color, in turn activating the viewer. While the television has the screen framework as its boundary, he wants to extend that limit to the dimensions of the room itself. His idea is that everyone viewing the art will have his or her own unique perspective.

He enjoys the challenge of getting the most functional and aesthetic impact out of design simplicity. In creating the subject matter for his work, his goal is to push the amount of emotion he’s able to portray using a methodical medium that forces him to make definitive color placement choices. Often the placement of only a few pegs can directly affect the overall mood of each piece.