Marlon Diggs

Marlon Diggs is a self-taught artist from Newport News, VA living in the Washington DC area. Born in 1987, Diggs had a passion for comic books from a young age. He loved to draw everything from cartoons and comics to action figures and athletes. Heavily influenced by artists Roy Lichtenstein and Kaws, he started to pull inspiration from old comic books and newspapers. He began experimenting with re-arranging bright bold colors and patterns until he found success with his current body of works.

Common themes throughout Marlon Diggs’ work are money, fashion and love. His inspiration for every painting starts with ripping up old comic books, newspapers, and magazine ads and then loosely rearranging the pieces until they tell a story. He then transforms his ideas with acrylic paint on canvas, and rather than reproducing the imagery he documents bits and pieces of pop culture in a critically acclaimed and creative new direction.

His one-of-a-kind artworks have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.