Lesley Grainger

Lesley Grainger was born in Yorkshire, England, where she grew up in a small Northern fishing town. She received a BA in Illustration and Design from the University of Lincoln in Lincoln, UK. Early in her career she worked as graphic designer and later began to produce children’s books and licensed artwork. For the last several years her main focus and passion has been abstract painting.

Grainger works intuitively and thoughtfully while discovering new and interesting color and compositions. Painting is a reflection of experience and what she has found is that each painting is translated to the next, like an ongoing story. Color is a boundless part of her process, seeking to explore color combinations that intrigue the senses and reveal something unexpected.

The artist’s mixed media approach to painting creates layers which capture movement and a lightness as if the colors were to stay suspended in air. Discovery is key in her expression, as she works with the canvas, adding and removing elements. This pushes her to new levels and what brings a sense of how art can change the way we think, the way we feel and the way we connect with the world.