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Leonardo Aguirre

Leonardo Aguirre

Uruguayan artist Leonardo Aguirre creates vibrant, visually animated scenes in theatrical environments in acrylic paint on canvas. The idea of a colorful atmosphere with everyday recognizable signs and elements allows the art aficionado to imagine scenes one day and discover another story the next day. Aguirre works in a post-constructivist style that has roots in the school of Torres-García.

Aguirre’s original artwork provides the construction of an imaginary environment. His fictional architectural works create surroundings where reality is placed on hold and artistic impulses thrive. His work is playful and confesses an imaginative perspective regarding the narratives of daily life. Aguirre rearranges whimsical components into unexpectedly harmonious surreal settings that could only exist in an alternate dimension. Leonardo Aguirre’s paintings have been exhibited and collected in the US, Europe, and South America.