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Laurence de Valmy

Laurence de Valmy

Laurence de Valmy repaints art history, combining physical and digital mediums, to bring a new light on famous artworks and artists and make the viewers ponder on our current society including the notion of fame, the place of women, or the role of social media. Inspired by the personal stories of artists, she plays with the notion of time to create anachronic paintings and videos based on the aesthetics of Instagram and TikTok.

In her POST paintings, she combines iconic artworks skillfully appropriated with imagined conversations on Instagram, historically accurate yet humorous. The TikTok Timeless are short videos, available as NFTs, sharing a moment in time in the life of these artists. By telling the stories behind these artworks, the artist leads us to consider them with a new eye and ponder on the central place of social media for artists. Her most recent NFT collection titled MOST FAMOUS VISUAL ARTISTS is a collection of 54 digital illustrations featuring 54 women artists from different centuries and continents, each represented by a flower, a traditional symbol of femininity in art.

Laurence de Valmy is French American and lives in San Diego, USA. Her work is represented by galleries based in New York, the UK, and France. She is an active member of, a nonprofit artist community. De Valmy’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally as well as shown in many private and public collections and she has received numerous awards and commissions.