Kelly Styne

Kelly Styne is an emerging Los Angeles based abstract and pop artist. Her career in creative industries, including film, editorial, and fashion, has coincided with her passion for art. Her work is inspired by the colors of her California surroundings and artists such as Ed Ruscha and Gerhard Richter. "Painting is both a challenge and an outlet, a discipline and a passion," she says. In 2016 she began painting a series of layered artworks which contain words associated with the pop culture and her life in Los Angeles. She uses text as a central communication vehicle in her artistic expression, pushing forth words as her primary way to get out her message.

A persistent theme in Kelly Styne's work is the attempt to evoke an emotion in viewers. Styne primes her canvases with carefully selected colors and then adds several layers of acrylic paint until the final image appears, leaving her thought-provoking messages exposed.