Judith Angerman

Judith Angerman explores three-dimensional imagery as a method of visual manipulation, creating the illusion of depth. Her lenticular works demand viewer interaction. The viewer becomes the participant, controlling the speed and sequence of the moving image. Angerman uses one unifying theme through all her work: pushing the reality of the subject.

Angerman’s works intrigue, seeing color where there’s only black and white, inserting lightness when there’s darkness, adding something when there’s nothing and blurring when there’s clarity. Her holographic works are portals that transport the viewer into other worlds, which appear to have their own dimensions and physical properties.

The artist defines success as the creation of a connection between the viewer and the artist. Those “A-ha” moments and expression changes in the viewer’s face are what drive her to create.

Within each artwork, multiple images are captured and merged to give a unique viewing experience. The merging of the layers adds various levels of interpretation as well as actual illusions of movement. The utilization of lenticular techniques brings focus to small shifts and movements in everyday life which are often overlooked, but when isolated gain a new meaning.