Jeremy Prim

Emotive, rather than being purely representational, Jeremy Prim’s oil paintings are inspired by the Pacific coastline. Known for his evocative minimalist seascapes, the impetus for Prim’s work derives from the beauty of the ocean and the peaceful solitude one feels in its presence.

The contemporary artworks from Prim are both abstract and figurative. While expressive in their rhythm, each painting is precise and powerful.
Layers of blue explore a calming and emotional palette. As the hues blend and collide the viewer becomes emersed in the almost tactile rhythm of the ocean. Sky meets the sea in multiple horizon lines which reference the continuous rhythm of the sea.

Each painting is created using many thin layers of translucent oil paint tempered with cold wax. This process washes the artwork with a sense of foreshortening, bringing the viewer into the vastness of Prim’s subject.

Prim is based in Seattle, Washington and is inspired by his surroundings: “The paintings I create are evocative of the Pacific Northwest coast” states the artist. While referentially specific the paintings capture more than a singular scene “They are a collective of physical and sensory reinterpretations of the Pacific, primarily derived from memory and intuition.”