Gail Titus

After working as a ceramic artist for more than twenty years creating wall sculptures and commissioned installation work, Gail Titus has been focusing more extensively on pursuing her long time interest in abstract painting. Her detailed studies of abstract painting techniques lead Titus to develop works on canvas using acrylic paint and a variety of unconventional tools and techniques. As with her ceramic work, her primary focus in painting has been on surface development.

Gail Titus works spontaneously and intuitively without regard to realistic forms, but with a focus of textures, colors and interesting shapes. She creates artworks by applying paint to a canvas using brushes, scrapers, water bottles or other objects, working quickly and intuitively. After this initial phase she begins to discern and work more methodically, further developing the painting. As this process continues, certain areas of the painting will start to feel undeveloped. This is when she will methodically rework those areas until the artwork gradually feels resolved.

Titus says of her work, “It is difficult to title my work. I paint spontaneously, usually without any preconceived ideas…when a painting is close to being finished or when it is finished that I can relate the composition to something external, but often not even then. I really want the viewer to relate to the images on the painting, with their response coming from their own experiences.”

Her artworks have been acquired by corporations and private collectors throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.