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Fabio Coruzzi

Fabio Coruzzi

Fabio Coruzzi is interested in the urban environment: the city, a town, a village - precious sources for human development and evolution. “Like any large metropolitan areas, London’s urban environment represents the jungle in which human being is finding recovery for its neurosis. It’s a melting pot of different gestures, different perspectives. Mixed media mold together these different perspectives, creating the urban environment. Contemporary culture is made of controversy: modernity includes ugliness, imperfection, and contamination, anything that creates texture.”

Fabio Coruzzi was born in Foggia, Italy in 1975. He merges painting and photography into one imaginative image that offers a new outlook on an otherwise ordinary urban scene. His artworks represent an authenticity unlike any other: layered, textural, controversial, open to imagination, colorful, personal, and inspiring.

Coruzzi’s work encapsulates not only urban environments, but the inhabitants as well. Irony is laced between figures drawn with an energetic architectural hand. His work is colorful, funny, and biting through resolutely rendered vignettes of collective cultural consciousness.

Of his work, he says, "I wish that each painting I make should be like a poem of the place where I've been. I wish to become a poet of our time, like somebody would tell: "I've been there", but telling that my way, telling the audience that, no matter where we are, in a boulevard or in a restaurant, each single place is like an empty box that needs to be filled with the intense energy of our existence. Each place leaves a mark, like a scar, inside us. I wish that scar becomes poetry."