Fabio Coruzzi

Fabio Coruzzi was born in Foggia, Italy in 1975, and currently lives in Los Angeles. He merges painting and photography into one imaginative image that offers a new outlook on an otherwise ordinary urban scene.

Fabio Coruzzi is interested in the urban environment: the city, a town, a village - precious sources for human development and evolution. “Like any large metropolitan areas, London’s urban environment represents the jungle in which human being is finding recovery for its neurosis. It’s a melting pot of different gestures, different perspectives. Mixed media mold together these different perspectives, creating the urban environment. Contemporary culture is made of controversy: modernity includes ugliness, imperfection, and contamination, anything that creates texture.”

Fabio Coruzzi’s artworks represent an authenticity unlike any other: layered, textural, controversial, open to imagination, colorful, personal, and inspiring.