Evelyn Dönicke

Artist Evelyn Dönicke was born in 1967 in Germany and grew up in Switzerland. Her works, and even the beginning of her artistic career, are the result of a spontaneous process. Having attended the University of Basel for Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Dönicke’s artworks began as a hobby and eventually developed into a career. Experimental and intuitive, Dönicke allows the material to speak for itself. She lives with the basics, valuing the foundations of technique, color perception, and composition.

Evelyn Dönicke works mostly with acrylics, using a mixture of collage, layers of paint, and unexpected materials like oil, tar, lime, marble flour, and collagen. She also uses a special technique by adding several thin layers of graphite, sand, tar and similar materials with a spatula to create voluminous forms, reflective depth and a manipulation of spatial closeness and distance.

Nothing is limited in her work there are more questions than answers, which is a source of excitement for Dönicke. Surfaces may be metal plates or cardboard. She concedes power to the process, utilizing oxidation, silkscreen, intaglio, and dark room photography.

With each finished artwork a new concept is born for the next. Dönicke is always looking forward, as she encourages her viewer to do. Each artwork is an act of pure appreciation for material. Often, her signatures or printed letters add to the content of the painting. It is important to Dönicke that her paintings create dreams and fantasies that allow each onlooker to interpret her works and reflect.