Elise Remender

Elise Remender captures the romantic glamour of a bygone era in her contemporary figurative paintings. Fantasy, mid-century fashion, and the glamour of travel and coastal living inform soft brush strokes and abstracted beautys; reminiscent of vintage advertisements and dusted sunlight.

Remender grew up in Phoenix, Arizona: “The most beautiful thing in Arizona to me was the pools. Everyone had a pool and I was drawn to the interplay between the reflected light and turquoise color of the water.” The dreamlike quality of shimmering turquoise pools inspired Elise to imagine a fantasy world of timeless beauty and the liberation of endless summer light.

“I’m a bit of an old soul and there is a sense of elegance and beauty that has been lost in modern day society, and I seek to recapture this essence in my work. I’m creating a sort of fantasy world of luxury, leisure, and old Hollywood glamour.”

Elise is based in Southern California, but she has traveled all over the world gaining inspiration for her work. Her most recent series, Bathing Beauties, which captures the human form and abstracts it through light and reflection, was inspired by the vintage elegance and history of Southeast Asia’s historic hotel pools and gardens. It evokes a bygone era when Ernest Hemingway and Jackie O. were among the clientele.