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Dez Gaskin

Dez Gaskin

Desireé Gaskin (Dez) is a self-taught artist living and working in Dallas, Texas. Her artistic style is a form of abstract expressionism ruled by her creative imagination and love for vibrant colors. Vivid acrylics applied by Gaskin's free but thoughtful brushstrokes reveal the uniquely beautiful hues hidden in plain sight.

Gaskin desires to push the viewer to engagement: "I aspire for you to FEEL my art – not just see it at face value. If you only see the colors on the canvas
when you look at my art, I have failed, as an artist, to enhance your experience. Through the colors, textures, and brushstrokes – I want you to feel... Feel happy. Feel joy. Feel hopeful. I create art to tempt the mind to dare to imagine further – dare to imagine bigger. My art is meant to be seen with your eyes and felt with your creative soul. Colors, like good vibes, are timeless so I truly hope to help the rainbow and good vibes in your life live on."

Gaskin’s artwork has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions in the United States.