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Deborah Lynn Irmas

Deborah Lynn Irmas

The monotype prints of California based artist Deborah Lynn Irmas are created with unexpected materials. Everyday materials: thread, scotch tape, or fabric in the hands of Irmas become abstract works of art. Her interest lies in both abstract and figurative forms and how they interact. These forms sometimes develop an intricate and complicated relationship.

Her process is monotype, a type of printmaking that involves painting on a smooth surface, glass or copper plate. The wet image on the plate is then transferred onto a cold soaked sheet of paper through a monotype printing press. The monotype printmaking process creates completely unique prints that surrender the final outcome to the press. Every monotype print is hand pulled individually from the press and is one of a kind. All of Irmas’ artworks are printed with Charbonnel French Inks on Stonehenge Archival 100% cotton printmaking paper. European thread has been sewn onto many of the artworks, symbolizing the handmade craftsmanship inherent in printmaking and Irmas’ creative childhood.

Irmas was very fortunate to grow up with a mother who was a talented artist. Her mother encouraged her to explore art at a young age. In the late 70’s Irmas studied Fine Art at UCLA. Upon graduating from UCLA she started her own Graphic Design Firm. In the mid-90’s Deborah studied Textile Design and earned a 2-year extension degree at UCLA. For 10 years she worked as a graphic artist. Eventually, Deborah went back to her roots as a fine artist and has been continuously evolving and experimenting with her practice since 2005.

The artworks of Deborah Lynn Irmas have appeared at UCLA, Long Beach’s MOLAA, MAAAC, and she has received multiple awards for her work.