David Jang

David Jang was born in Seoul, Korea in 1975 and received his BFA from the College of Visual Arts, St. Paul, Minnesota, where he studied sculpture and painting. He lives in Los Angeles. Jang strives to transform the detritus of urban life into minimalist paintings of formal elegance, both gritty and sublime. He hopes to inspire others to discover art as a necessity to the human condition, not a luxury.

Jang uses an exacting, fanciful, even obsessive re-appropriation of common materials to create his works—one in which he deconstructs, reprograms and reconstitutes industrial and commercial cast-offs to reveal new relationships between the object and the viewer. Most people know the media he uses in their ubiquitous forms—as a potato chip bag, a remote control, plastic jar, Styrofoam cup, coiled wire, light bulbs, et cetera—but coded also into each of these objects (and the materials from which they are composed) are its life’s instructions.