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Dana Cowie

Dana Cowie

Using an impasto, painterly technique Dana Cowie creates cubist-inspired farm and rural landscapes. Working within controlled color schemes, her artworks appear abstract up close and become more representational as the viewer takes in the larger image. Each stylized color represents shadows and grander forms of perspective that capture a more vibrant experience beyond the minute details of the subjects she paints.

Born in 1975, Cowie grew up in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada before enrolling in the visual art program at Central Technical School in Toronto in the 90s. She has also lived in Japan and Victoria, British Columbia.

Cowie's work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across Canada, the U.S., and England. She is represented by art galleries in Canada, U.S., and England and is collected worldwide. Cowie's paintings have been featured in magazines as well, including Style at Home Magazine, House & Garden magazine (UK), and Escarpment Magazine. She lives in Owen Sound, Canada with her family.