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Courtney Simone

Courtney Simone

Los Angeles-based artist Courtney Simone finds beauty in the quotidian, which grounds her playful abstract figurative artworks. Using an everyday occurrence such as taking a walk or lounging at home as the foundation, Simone then lets the fantastical part of her creativity imbue these seemingly unexciting moments with the quiet magic of living.

This easy-to-miss resplendence is highlighted in Simone's work to remind us and herself to find the joie de vivre of living. For Simone, "As someone who often feared the sameness of every day, I’ve found a way to turn that fear into something that can show up in my art, and inspire others to embrace their every day.”

Courtney Simone’s work has been featured in “Collective Wisdom Magazine” and has been collected across the United States. Since developing her current artistic style, she has amassed a loyal following and recognition for her inclusive representation of women within her figurative artworks.