Clara Berta

Clara Berta began her career as an artist after a very challenging period of loss. She discovered her passion for art while she was completing her studies in Psychology from Antioch University in Marina del Rey, CA. After the death of her husband, she returned to painting as a form of therapy.

Berta’s paintings explore themes such as the ebb and flow of memory, the significance of personal heritage, the passing of physical time, desire, grief, and love. Her Hungarian heritage pushes through in the joyful use of traditional clothing colors and predominant theme of water for its natural healing properties. Her abstract works often include reminders of her travels expressed in unexpected sequences of patterns as well as distortion of perspectives and subconscious spaces.

Manipulating the texture with several layers of texture paste, mixed media and acrylic paint, she will work and re-work her canvases, layering textures to give added dimension. Through her creative practice, she has found healing, and further offers to her community safe spaces for troubled teens and women to heal through the meditative process of painting.

Clara Berta’s dynamic and highly textural abstract works have been exhibited across the United States and collected worldwide.