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Charlotte Elizabeth

Charlotte Elizabeth

Charlotte Elizabeth is a professional painter with over 15 years of experience, originally trained in theatre design and with a successful career as a Theatrical Scenic Artist in London's West End. Her work can be seen in many famous venues around the world, including The Royal Opera House and The ENO. Elizabeth's move to Asia inspired her to create a new series of large-scale abstract cloudscapes called "Singapore Skies," which are praised for their dramatic and meditative qualities.

According to Elizabeth: “My years as a scenic artist has taught me to be bold, ambitious, and confident when working with paint. I delight in the magical transformative quality of working with layer upon layer of color, pigment, and tone. I’m inspired by the glory of nature’s elements and the drama of the skies. Every painting is a journey, layered with my identity, as a woman, an artist, a mother, a fighter, a nurturer. My work is an instinctive, sensorial, tactile experiment where the color does the talking and I merely allow the images to reveal themselves.”

Her art is widely acclaimed and draws inspiration from the sky-high architecture and tempestuous climate of Asia, and Elizabeth has been collected and exhibited across the globe.