Bruce Rubenstein

Born and raised in New York, Bruce Rubenstein moved to Los Angeles in 1985. His experience of New York informs the constant activity and motion of his work. His mixed media artworks defy categorization, blending abstract forms and organic shapes with subtle hints of figures and symbols.

Rubenstein specializes in large-scale artworks, using huge canvases to tell his stories. “He is an artist, and that means someone who cannot restrain the flow of ideas,” says author David Rodgers. “He is someone who they just burst out of, who cannot help but communicate, and who sees no reason to stop. He’s a man not limited by media to communicate the stories that he needs to (and must) tell, through any medium he feels necessary.” In 1995, Rubenstein co-wrote a semi-autobiographical film called “Bullet” about a struggling artist. The film’s stars included Adrien Brody and Mickey Rourke, both of whom are among Rubenstein’s collectors.