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Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Contemporary American artist Brian Smith combines portraiture and pop culture iconography with hyperrealist details in his original acrylic and mixed media paintings. He pairs his subjects with minimalist backgrounds, creating a dynamic relationship within the work.

Smith’s paintings evolve towards a universe where the shapes, the lines, the colors, and the composition of the motives lead to the mystery of the true creation: to see the invisible and to say the unspeakable, to show to hide, to detail to suggest, to allow a composition to mean something other than what we see.

Brian graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design obtaining a B.F.A. in Production Design and Art History. He resides in Hollywood, California, and has exhibited at Los Angeles art galleries since 2020. His artwork has been collected by Paris & Kathy Hilton, Issa Rae, and is held in private collections around the United States, France, and China.