Billy Criswell

Billy Criswell is a sculptor, printmaker and painter based in Ojai, California. Criswell’s series of painted sculptures incorporate geometric abstraction and color juxtapositions to create objects that explore light, color, perspective and space. Although painted in a single color, these dynamic objects evoke the juxtaposed elements of implosion/explosion and motion/counter-motion to challenge the viewer's perception of space.

Through the balance of organic and manufactured materials, such as the wooden with the metal base, Criswell’s modern sculptures evoke a harmonious balance between natural and urban elements. Even though each series is distinct, this formalistic approach recurs in his work. Reminiscent of the abstracted forms of the Cubists, combined with Louise Nevelson’s monumental wooden assemblages, the intimate scale of Criswell’s abstracted sculptures reflects a profound response to 20th century modernism. Visual elements of celestial bodies, aerodynamics, architecture and nature challenge viewers to develop their own perceptions of the work.

Criswell’s works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States, including the Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the Pierce-Dunham Gallery in Houston, Texas. In addition, his work is in many public and corporate collections, including the Chicago Arts Council in Chicago; Pfizer Corporate Headquarters in New York, NY; the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan; and Disney Studios in Los Angeles, CA.