Billy Criswell

Billy Criswell’s work incorporates sculpture, painting and printmaking. He utilizes observation and intuition to explore the qualities and elements of an idea. Even though each series is distinct, this formalistic approach is a recurring theme in his work. His intention is that viewers are engaged to the point that they are challenged to develop a new sense of awareness based on their own perception of the work, and that ultimately a transformative experience has been created.

Utilizing geometric abstraction and color juxtapositions, he creates sculptural and painterly compositions that explore light, color, perspective and space. These images evoke a sense of imploding/exploding and motion/counter-motion, challenging the viewer's perception.

Billy Criswell is based in Ojai, California. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States. His work has been acquired by public and corporate collections, including the Chicago Arts Council in Chicago; Pfizer Corporate Headquarters in New York, NY; the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan; and Disney Studios in Los Angeles, CA.