Austin Reed

Austin Reed is a San Diego based artist driven by his imagination and a love for city life to create works of art that consistently grab attention through an expressionistic, multi-media approach. Although Reed’s background and training is in tattoo art, the two-dimensionality and pedestrian nature of the media drove him to find a far more expressive outlet in contemporary art. This rebellion against figurative illustration motivates Reed’s use of texture and mix of finishes.

Each of Reed’s artworks is a reaction to the diverse compositions and imagery of urban environments. Incorporating street views and abstract layering into his varied compositions, Reed combines conceptual photography references with cityscapes and visual poetics to explore an eclectic range of environments. When beginning each painting, Reed uses the compositions of the cityscapes as a guide for the underlying color blocking. He then transforms that rather linear view with emotionally driven gestural expression, adding movement to the artwork and allowing the viewer to see new city spaces.