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Armen Ges

Armen Ges

Capturing movement in acrylic and spray paint, Armen Ges experiments with optical illusions and perspective in his original abstract and pop artworks. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ges received a degree in Psychology and Visual Public art from California State University, Monterey Bay. His background in psychology has greatly influenced his artwork, as he incorporates elements of the human psyche into his abstract pieces.

To create these intriguing visuals, Ges employs traditional gestural techniques in combination with graffiti and implied shadows. He enjoys using bright, saturated colors in conjunction with an elevated degree of complexity. Each artwork embodies a dream-like state, one without a rigid structure but with a palpable sense of movement. Ges aims to engross the viewer in a liberated surge of color across the canvas. His emoji interpretations of the modern world use expressions that have become a powerful and unifying language of their own when expressing human emotion. He aims to inspire joy and create a sense of depth and wonder in his work.

Ges has had his artwork exhibited at various galleries in California since 2018, and he has held multiple solo exhibitions as well.