Anna Flores

A walk-through of Anna Flores' studio reveals a frenzy of colors and materials. Covered in splatters and drips of paint, her floor resembles a painting by Jackson Pollock. Countless color studies adorn the walls. Color tubes are stacked next to spray cans, varnishes, and pigments. Sand, paper rolls, old tablecloths are among the myriad of elements that inspire her paintings. Flores finds a distinctive, unconventional language by combining her unique techniques of collage, hand print, and paint.

Ornamentation plays an important role in Anna Flores’ work. Patterns, shapes and designs accompany abstracted figures to balance the overall composition. The layering of components from the background to the foreground creates a balance between classical inspiration and kitsch. The depth and intricacy of color, line and space create a unique style indicative of Flores’ expansive inspirations.