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Alexander Eulert

Alexander Eulert

Alexander Eulert's paintings are abstract propositions of worlds where divergent forces coalesce harmoniously. He draws inspiration from a life long fascination with humans as an integral part of nature, the manipulation of the natural world, and the reclamation of human creation with the passage of time.

Eulert’s work reflects his interest in ancient civilizations and the juxtaposition between the modern and the classical. Process-oriented and expressionistically inclined, Eulert explores the confluence between geology and archaeology, denoting a benevolent interplay between the natural and human-made. Delicate and dynamic lines of paint buzz and trickle around bold bands of color; evoking rhythmical compositions, emotional states, and natural phenomena. The cubical forms are suggestive of monoliths, pueblos, golden-green fields, as well as contemporary urban architecture.

Born in 1980 in San Diego, Eulert developed a profound connection with the desert and the life-giving force of the stream that ran through the property of his childhood home. Now based in New Mexico, the topography of the desert, with boulder outcroppings, multi-layered cliffs, and rugged hilltops strongly influence his aesthetics.