Urban Sensuality | Art Exhibition

Urban Sensuality

December 9, 2014 - January 22, 2015 at Artspace Warehouse:
Urban Sensuality

New art exhibition URBAN SENSUALITY opens December 9, 2014 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Ralf Bohnenkamp, Hilary Bond, Marion Duschletta, Erin Hammond, and Bonnie Star.

Opening Reception Tues, December 9, 7-9 pm.

This exhibition examines the relationship between the artist and the urban surroundings, and how a metropolitan setting creates profound, sensual implications. The proximity of the subject portrayed is a vital point of the artistic journey. The artist turns the isolated metropolis into an ambiguously sensual body, with a life of its own. The fascination with a natural pattern and the clarity of urban architecture open the path to an exciting combination of distinctive style and urban sensuality. The dynamic nature of urban spaces warrants continued exploration. As a result the artist puts the viewer in the position of witnessing the city’s and its inhabitant's most intimate and obscure life.

The paintings of well known German artist Ralf Bohnenkamp enrich the scientifically cool cosmos of minimal paintings with a sensual and emotional elements. The pictures in their simple stylistic idiom and reduced color spectrum speak of physical principles which are the basis of our material world. They transform themselves through color-layering, bodyful materiality and visible strikes of the putty. The former clearness disappears, straight lines become irregular, the safe becomes precarious. The artworks reveal a quiet color poetry that cannot be solved only rationally by the viewer.

Hilary Bond was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. After attending the Baltimore School for the Arts she went to The Cooper Union and received a BFA in 2007. Hilary now lives in Los Angeles. The composition and line quality influence her color choice and ultimately the overall emotion of the work. Her paintings are mysterious, beautiful, assertive, and have their own inner dialog.

Marion Duschletta Marion Duschletta was born 1972 in Graubünden, Switzerland. Since 2004, she has been a full time professional artist. Her artworks consist of an exciting mixture of Acrylics, Collages, and urban Photos. Her very popular series of artworks include series of New York, Zurich, London, LA and many other cities around the world.

Erin Hammond was born in Milwaukee, WI. She studied Fine Art with an emphasis on painting and sculpture at University of Wisconsin Parkside. Erin recently moved to Los Angeles. In 2013 she was a top rated artist in RAWawards, the largest indie art competition in the US. Erin tends to focus on the roughness of line and the immediate processes of painting. Her paintings reflect the concept that we are unfinished beings, in the process of completion, as she overlaps paint and pencil lines, overworking some areas and leaving other areas unfinished. The artworks leave it to the viewer’s imagination to bring the piece to its own completion.

Bonnie Star grew up in the Washington DC area and currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA. Bonnie studied art at the Corcoran gallery and the University of Maryland, and was a recipient of the John Hopkins Maryland Center for the Gifted arts scholarship. Her artworks are exhibited and collected internationally. One of her artworks currently resides in the Vice President's residence.