Art Exhibition

Topography of Life

July 30 - September 9, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse:
Topography of Life

New art exhibition Topography of Life opens July 30, 2016 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Ricky Hunt, Victoria Kovalenchikova, Fabio Coruzzi, Pete Kasprzak, and Nicola Katsikis.

Art Exhibition "Topography of Life" focuses on the the city, buildings and life surrounding us, shaping us and give us a sense of place and belonging. The featured artists explore the meaning of place and the factors that shape the topography surrounding us. For all individuals the term "home" conjures up certain images of a functional place, but most importantly it evokes a feeling that has the means of structuring one's life.

Life is like a topography of our landscape with summits of success and happiness, flat areas of monotone routines and valleys of failure and frustation. The featured artists express their experiences with their surroundings in very individualisitc ways.

Opening Reception Saturday July 30, 3-6pm.

Philosophy, mathematics, scientific theory, poetry and astronomy are a few of the themes that run though Ricky Hunt's paintings. Hunt describes his imagery as, "Chaotic order pouring from the watery depths of my unconscious".

Victoria Kovalenchikova's artworks are an outlook at the transformation of the world surrounding us; a shout in the cold infinity of cosmos. It is an attempt to understand the impact of people on the planet through the language of art. Creatively mixing media from cement, resin, acrylic and epoxy on stretched canvas, Victoria’s work is simultaneously sculptural and painting.

Fabio Coruzzi merges painting and photography into one imaginative image that offers a new outlook on an otherwise ordinary urban scene. Fabio Coruzzi is interested in the urban environment: the city, a town, a village - precious sources for human development and evolution.

Pete Kasprzak's artworks express energy and life in new and innovative ways. His passion for city life is expressed in his urban artworks, adding life, movement and texture to his cityscape photographs with oil and acrylic paint.

Nicola Katsikis draws upon her extensive background in design and color but also keeps working on new ideas, experimenting with new materials and techniques. Each photograph adds color as well as depth to the artwork, revealing the materials the graffiti was painted on originally, or showing aspects of well-known places that have been overlooked previously. All of her work is applied onto a wood panel and finished off with several coats of clear resin.