Art Exhibition

Absence and Presence of Color

August 29 - October 16, 2015 at Artspace Warehouse:
Absence and Presence of Color

New art exhibition Absence and Presence of Color opens August 29, 2015 at Artspace Warehouse. Featured artists include Fredi Gertsch, Amber Goldhammer, Len Klikunas, Raúl de la Torre, and ZanRé .

Opening Reception Saturday, August 29, 6-9pm.

Color and its impact is essential to our appreciation of contempoary art. The artists featured in this exhibition examine the ephemeral nature of color, exploring the changing prespectives of their art. As subtle creations become clarified through boundaried and critical practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the exploration of new meaning, contemplation and transformation through color or its absence.

Swiss artist Fredi Gertsch invents new stories on canvas daily, all with a common thread: the cow. His artwork draws on the numerous cows, calves and bulls of the Swiss Emmental valley, where he has lived for over 35 years. They now graze in the cool apartments of city dwellers and countryside homes in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.

Amber Goldhammer creates with joyful vision, transferring her innermost feelings onto the canvas. Amber's modern abstract art takes a spiritual path free from inhibition and filled with love. You can't help but smile as you enter the colorful, mystical world she creates.

Len Klikunas paints to modify experienced reality through visual perception. The "Blocks" series is a mix of art and architecture, hovering between painting and sculpture. It employs shizen (自然): the Japanese concept of naturalness, absence of pretense or artificiality. Material is stretched over a supporting three-dimensional framework, like a tent, and coated with paint.

Raúl de la Torre's "FILS I COLORS" series is an attempt to find life, movement and parts that are not static, that change in their interaction with the observer. Embroidery with color matching threads adds a special element to his artworks as it creates thick shadows with organic shapes.

ZanRé's artworks live from the freshness of thought. His art is the creative commentary to the trivial text and picture messages on grocery bags. He examines questions of consumption and consumerism through the interplay of pop subjects against a commercial background.